Aircraft Differences Training - Courses

I offer one to one flight instruction for Private Pilots Licence, Tail Wheel Type conversions, Short field/farm strip training, Complex aircraft, and the Instrument Meteorological Conditions rating all at very competitive rates.

Based at Gloucester Airport U.K.
Cheltenham GL51 6SP
James Peplow UK Mobile +44 (0)7855 409 512
Please do not hesitate to email or call  to discuss your requirements.
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Flight training rates
Super Cub PA18 £209.00 per hour. 

"I specialise in one to one training whether you are looking to become a Commercial pilot or just want to fly for pleasure.
I can teach you full or part time even if you can only spare one day per week.
You do not need to join a flying club or a big flight training school to obtain a flying licence"

Biannual Flight Review.

Revalidation of a SEP Rating requires a flight of an hour duration with a flight instructor.
You need to complete 12 hours of flight time in the relevant class within the
12 months preceding the expiry date of the rating so why not try the
Super Cub for your biannual flight review.

Call to discuss 07855 409 512

You can gain your pilot licence on the wonderfully well equipped PA28 or if you wish, on the Super Cub (Tail wheel aircraft).
The full PPL (A) - Private pilots licence (Aeroplanes) course comprises a minimum of
45 hours of flight instruction including at least 25 hours of dual flight instruction
and 10 hours of supervised solo flight time, including 5 hours of solo cross country flight time.
There are now 9 exams which are multiple choice papers the subjects are:
  Air Law
  Human Performance
  Communications (plus Practical test)
  Aircraft General Knowledge
  Flight Performance and Planning
  Operational Procedures
  Principles of Flight
I can provide ground school for all subjects on a part time basis
(discounted for those taking flight lessons) or arrange a full time course, depending on your preference.

The NPPL - National Pilots Licence has a less stringent medical requirement than the PPL, it involves a declaration from your own GP.
This is a licence restricted to UK airspace only, in VFR conditions, it comprises a minimum of 32 hours. You can not add a Night rating or IMC rating to this licence.

Convert from Microlight to NPPL (Aeroplanes) on the Cub a 2-3 day course (dependent on experience) includes 2 hours of stall spin awareness, 1 hour instrument flying, differences training on type, NST, GST Ground exam (aircraft) and General principals of flight exam.

CAA APPROVED LAPL- Light Aircraft Pilot Licence.
This course comprises 30 hours of flight instruction, including 24 hours of dual and 6 hours of supervised solo, including 3 hours of solo cross country.
The LAPL licence doesn’t expire, is valid for Permit aircraft, provides similar privileges to the NPPL, similar medical requirements but has a few extras.

Conversion from LAPL (A) to PPL (A)
If  you
already hold a LAPL(A); the abridged PPL(A) for holders of a LAPL (A) comprises 10 hours of flight instruction including 6 hours of dual and 4 hours of supervised solo flight time including at least 2 hours of solo cross country (ref CAP804 FCL.210.A (b)) followed by the PPL (A) skills test.

Post PPL - 'What's next?'
When you have completed your training and been issued a Private Pilot Licence, I can help you gain the experience to take your flying forward safely, to enhance your skills.
I can offer additional training, owner operator assistance/safety pilot as well as the conversion to tail wheel.

The Night Rating

The night rating is an interesting and rewarding addition to your PPL Licence. It is a great skill to add to your PPL and will give you a surprisingly different perspective. If you have a private pilot's licence (PPL or LAPL) you can add night ratings to allow you to fly in visual flight rules (VFR) conditions at night.

The course includes 5 hours of training (3 hours dual, including 1 hour cross-country navigation) and 5 solo takeoffs and full-stop landings. You will not be required to take an exam, your qualification is granted upon satisfactory completion and application to the CAA. Please note that this can be incorporated in your PPL.